A New Definition of Home Entertainment

Wooden Woofer Cabinet

Acoustically superior as wood is the preferred element in soulful music.

Power LED Indicator

Enhanced Aesthetics

Multi-Connectivity & Full Function Remote

Connect with FM / Bluetooth / USB / SD Card / AUX

Volume, Bass & Treble Adjustment

Easy Control for the way you want your sound

Trio 2101 from the house of Gizmore is designed for your perfect home entertainment. The sub-woofer is made with Wood which is proved to enhance the sound quality. Volume, Bass & Treble Adjustment – all can be done from a button. Digital LED Display is meant to enhance your aesthetics. Keep it as it is or convert it into a Soundbar depending on your space. Multiple connectivity of FM / Bluetooth / USB / SD Card / AUX is what you ever wanted along with a full function remote control.